What kind of service do you offer?

We can create a WordPress-based website for you that utilises professional themes. You can be sure it will be incredibly easy to use, as you’ll be able to edit content at will.

How do I start?

To get your website prepared and set-up, simply contact us. However, there are several materials that we’ll need from you that will make it possible for us to make your vision a reality. These include:

  • a logo, your favourite colours, and various other visual aids,
  • a list of the services you offer,
  • examples of your competitors.

What does your website package contain?

As we’ve mentioned before, the bulk of the package is a WordPress website designed specifically with your needs in mind. Each website is designed to be incredibly responsive, perfectly matching the layout of any device you use to view it on. Additionally, you can expect:

  • access to video tutorials on modifying website content,
  • a year of website hosting (1GB),
  • a professional email address created specifically for your domain,
  • yearly technical maintenance, including backups and quarterly updates,
  • help in registering and configuring a domain,
  • up to 4 stock images.

Will I be able to modify my website?

Of course. We’ll even provide you with tutorials on how to do it.

Can I expect support from you?

Absolutely. We do our best to provide you with all the guidance you may need, on top of a responsive maintenance service.

Can you create my content, logos, new modules?

Yes, but keep in mind that none of these services are part of the package we offer. Each of them is paid extra.

Google, SEO, PPC

What is PPC?

Short for Pay-Per-Click, this form of promotion campaign relies mostly on Google AdWords. It’s the best way to be visible to your clients 24/7 if you run, for example, therapy or massage services.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of organically promoting your website using the Google search engine. The main goal of the process is to provide you with a stable, long-term increase in your website’s traffic.